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Use TypeScript modules from sources like deno.land, JSR, GitHub directly in the browser without a compile step.

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Why unyt.land?

unyt.land is your gateway to the limitless world of TypeScript modules such as Deno modules or GitHub imports - brought directly into your favourite web browser. Our platform opens the door to a large numer of TypeScript libraries that will take your web development projects to the next level! 🚀




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Todays Hits

// load any JSR release


// load main.ts of @luca/flag in version 1.0.0


// load version 0.3.1 of @oxi/core


// load latest version of @oxi/core


// load any deno release


// load xml2js@1.0.0


// omit deno polyfill (not recommended)


// load latest version


// load any GitHub release, commit, or branch


// load command-line-args@v0.0.3


// load latest version


// request any given url


// load icon from https://unyt.org/favicon.ico


// load html page https://status.unyt.org


TypeScript Transpiler

The unyt.land service compiles TypeScript files (like Deno modules) on the fly to be used in JavaScript-only enviroments such as the browser.

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SCSS Support

When importing SASS, transpiled CSS is automatically delivered back for use in browser environments.

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Smart Caching

Our CDN uses a multi-level caching system to optimize performance and ensure fast loading times.

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By using unyt.land, CORS problems will be a thing of the past. We allow importing modules regardless of their origin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with unyt.land?

Just rename all of your https://deno.land/x/...-imports to https://unyt.land/x/... (Replacing 'deno' with 'unyt')

Are there any fees associated with using unyt.land?

No... at least not at the moment! We plan to offer fee-based solutions in the near future based on a premium subscription model. On the other hand we don't plan to make profit with the unyt.land service, it should just cover our expenses.

Is unyt.land compatible with all web browsers?

Our service provides an on-demand CDN for TypeScript and SASS transpilation. All modules that are web compatible will be compatible with all ES6-supported browsers.

Which modules are compatible?

So, yeah... it depends! In theory all TypeScript modules should be transpileable and runnable in a JavaScript context. If you are using external dependencies or deno-specific APIs (like File System APIs) the module will get transpiled successfully but it might fail with a runtime exception on execution since not all Deno APIs are supported by our browser polyfill.

How to add my module to unyt.land?

At the moment, unyt.land primarily focuses on providing Deno modules to users. To use your own module via our CDN you have to register your module at JSR or deno.land. The module will automatically be available on unyt.land.

Who powers unyt.land?

The unyt.land service is provided by the unyt.org project, backed by the unyt.org e.V. (german law). Read more

Connect with us

Feel free to check out the unyt.org Project. Join us on our journey in making the internet a better place!